St. Louis Commercial Cleaning: Vinyl Floor Cleaning Facts and Tips

Proper floor care and cleaning are essential to your business establishment or office, both for floor maintenance and for a visually appealing look. Your flooring’s lifespan can be extended by professionally cleaning your floors, most especially areas with high traffic including doorways, entryways, and hallways. Use a doormat to keep out chemicals and dirt, most especially grit that acts like sandpaper to help remove the finish from your floor. Even if they are not noticeable, chemicals from asphalt can stick to your shoes and transferred to the floor causing it to turn yellow.

The key to keep your floor in good shape is keeping it always clean, and sheet vinyl is not an exception. For your vinyl floor to lasts longer, you have to get the dirt off before it gets ground in. Salon businesses usually have hairspray buildup on their vinyl floors, so it is important to shampoo away hairspray by mixing a squirt of shampoo with a gallon of warm water, mop, and rinse with a damp mop. Resist the temptation of just blasting away dirt with heavy duty cleaners, clean your floor mildly by vacuuming or sweeping it every after working hours, and wiping up spills right away. If everything still fails, consider using a soap that is especially designed for flooring. If your vinyl floor is “no-wax cleaning”, you can wash it using a cleaner that is made specifically for no-wax floors, following the container’s directions. To loosen the dirt, just dampen a sponge or mop, and don’t remove the wax because it needs reapplication for older vinyl flooring needing waxing. Never drench your vinyl with water, otherwise, it will work its way to seams, cracks, and edges, destroying the glue bond that is holding down the vinyl, thus causing corner to curl and come loose.

While it is true that soap can make your floor clean, soap scums can leave a soap film that collects and build over time, needing serious cleaning, so you can use two mops, one for washing and the other for rinsing to prevent this from happening. Preservation of your “no-wax” vinyl floor can only be achieved by not applying any wax because it will not adhere well to the coating, leaving a mess requiring floor stripping over time. Use protectors for your large appliances and your furniture which can be bought at hardware stores and home improvement centers. If you are looking for commercial cleaning professionals, feel free to check our website or homepage now. You can rely on a professional cleaning service if you are too busy with your business.

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