Phases of Alcohol Addiction Recovery Process.

Alcohol addiction impacts negatively in the society. This vice has led to break up of families to many individuals. It has made many people lose jobs and be bankrupt. Alcohol addiction also destroys both the mental and physical abilities of a person. It is therefore important for an individual who is addicted to evaluate the lifestyle and decide to quit. Making sure to end alcohol addiction is not a simple decision. But with the correct support from relatives and acquaintances, an addict is capable of stopping this vice. The critical stage of this treatment exercise is acceptance to be done by the addict. This article explains, in particular, some of the stages involved in quitting addiction problem.

As pointed out in the introduction above, the first step involves the addict accepting that the problem exists. It is the most important step to make. By accepting that the individual is addicted the first success of the recovery plan. It is vital for the addict to decide on their own without being forced to quit alcohol. By deciding to quit alcohol, the addict has a good probability of succeeding with the alcohol addiction recovery plan By recognizing this important phase is when one can continue with the other phases in recovery process.

The next phase of alcohol addiction recovery is setting up realistic goals. An addict must think of different ways to stop using alcohol. There are two means of achieving this objective. First the addict can decide to eliminate alcohol intake. The second step involves limiting the amount taken slowly. An individual decides which plan to use between the two. The second method is widely used since it bears more result than the first. An addict is required to make a chart on when to start the alcohol addiction recovery treatment. After this the individual is required to set target to be achieved regarding weeks or months to stop the addiction problem.

The third stage of addiction recovery is to get rid of bad influence. This includes bad company and friends that use alcohol. It helps the addict to break the association created by using the alcohol. This has an effect of reducing the bond created by the individual and alcohol. This stage is essential since it helps the addict to keep away from temptation of going back to using the drug.

The addict is required to learn from various people that have stopped alcohol abuse. It is crucial for the addict to realize that recovering from alcohol addiction can be difficult but it is possible. This helps to boost the confidence of the individual to continue with the recovery process.

In conclusion, the steps discussed above are all vital in alcohol addiction recovery process.

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