When someone passes away, there are only a few options as to what to do with the body. One that many people choose is a traditional burial. This option is rather expensive. If the death is sudden and the person didn’t have a lot of money or an insurance policy to cover burial expenses, then a cremation might be a better option. There are several benefits to being cremated, and it’s growing in popularity as more people are seeing those benefits.

Understanding the Process

Before you consider being cremated after you pass away or consider that as an option for a loved one, you should understand the process and what takes place. The process involves a reduction of the body so that there is nothing more than ashes and fragments of bone using extremely high temperatures. It only takes a few hours for someone to be cremated depending on the size of the person. After the body is cremated, the remains are pulverized into a fine dust and placed in a plastic bag. The bag is then put inside a small plastic container before being sent back to the funeral home. You can get an urn to put the ashes in or keep the container that is provided as most funeral homes will give you some kind of soft bag as well.

What Are The Benefits

Being cremated is an affordable option for those who might not have a large family who can pay for a funeral and burial. You won’t need to worry about buying a headstone or paying the costs associated with opening the grave when someone is cremated. There isn’t a requirement to bury the remains. Many people keep the remains in an urn or spread the ashes over a favorite spot that the person enjoyed while alive.

One of the benefits that people don’t think about is that the ashes can be taken anywhere. This is sometimes a comfort to family members who want to keep a loved one close to them. It’s a way to deal with death. If you move to another home, then the ashes can be taken with you instead of leaving them behind. You’ll always be able to remember that person without going to a cemetery to put flowers on a headstone or a grave marker.

The process doesn’t take as long as embalming, which means that you can have a memorial service soon after the person passes away instead of waiting for the body to be prepared and the other details of the funeral to come together. You can still have a memorial service for someone who has been cremated, and some funeral homes have a casket that can be placed in the church or visitation area as a way for other family members to have closure as well instead of seeing an urn or a small box. Being cremated is also a benefit for family members who aren’t able to make it to the funeral service as you can hold a memorial at any time after the death whereas there is a limited time if the body is placed in a casket and buried.