Much of the focus for modern day web design is about how a website looks. While this is certainly important, especially considering some of the old, outdated and garish looking websites that businesses currently have, web design surrey isn’t only about how a website looks. In many instances, it is about how a website functions or operates. Given the various devices that can connect with the Internet and display websites, having a professionally designed website that not only looks good but functions properly is important.

The Need for Responsive Design

One of the most exciting aspects of modern day web design is responsive design. The need for this type of technology is largely due to the fact that people, overwhelmingly, are using devices other than a desktop or a laptop computer in order to access the Internet. Today, there are many different sized electronic tablets that have taken the place of desktop or laptop computers for the mobile user. In addition, smartphones are often used to access the Internet whether those purposes are for entertainment, information or business purposes.

Responsive design was created to help properly format the website on different size screens. A standard website can easily be displayed on a desktop computer or laptop. However, the smaller screens of Internet connected tablets or smartphones may make it difficult for a person to easily navigate a website that isn’t formatted for a particular screen size.

What it Does

Responsive design will automatically identify the type of device that is trying to access a website. From there, a predesigned format will be transmitted to the device allowing the website to be viewed with all its features on any screen regardless of the size. Smaller screens may require a different format than those of desktop or laptop computers. This helps a person to navigate a website without a small screen being crammed with huge amounts of information that simply is too difficult to navigate.

While there are many other facets of web design, responsive design is becoming more standard than ever before. That’s why, if your website is lacking this type of technology, you may want to contact a professional web designer to integrate this new technology into your existing website.