Have you ever heard of funds mysteriously disappearing from business accounts, or even found that some of your own funds are missing and unaccounted for? In the modern business space, and with the opportunities provided by criminal advancements, this is quite a common occurrence.

This is why private investigation agencies and risk management consultants like D&K Management Consultants have made it their business to help you discover – and recover from –these risks; through financial investigations.

What are Financial Investigations?

As the name implies, financial investigation is an aspect of investigation services which is focused on financial issues such as theft, fraud and the misappropriation of funds and assets.

How Does this Process Work?

The first step in the financial investigation process is to identify or discover the exact financial crime that has been committed (or not). For instance, while it may be obvious that money is going missing, this could be the result of a simple administration error, or something as serious as an employee tampering with invoices.

By first identifying the exact cause of the misappropriation of funds, financial investigators provide you with a means of avoiding the legal issues inherent in placing blame on any individual or company without evidence or reason.

Once the cause has been identified the case can be followed up to conclusion. This includes the collection of all the evidence and the preparation of reports for either the applicable law-enforcement agencies or for civil litigation.

What More Can Financial Investigators Do?

Experienced, professional financial investigators are able to go beyond merely identifying the nature and source of financial crime, and can actually investigate the perpetrator as well. This is especially useful in dealing with craftier perpetrators as these investigations can be used to provide key information for understanding the guilty party. This can include everything from their financial worth to their mobile and fixed assets, both locally and internationally, allowing you to make fully informed decisions in your legal proceedings.

Get Professional Assistance

As you can see, there is clear evidence to support contacting financial investigators if you ever suspect something is amiss. By using these professional financial investigation services, you stand not only to discover the crime, but also to recover yourlost funds!