The Benefits of The Cremation Process

When someone passes away, there are only a few options as to what to do with the body. One that many people choose is a traditional burial. This option is rather expensive. If the death is sudden and the person didn’t have a lot of money or an insurance policy to cover burial expenses, then a cremation might be a better option. There are several benefits to being cremated, and it’s growing in popularity as more people are seeing those benefits.

Understanding the Process

Before you consider being cremated after you pass away or consider that as an option for a loved one, you should understand the process and what takes place. The process involves a reduction of the body so that there is nothing more than ashes and fragments of bone using extremely high temperatures. It only takes a few hours for someone to be cremated depending on the … Read the rest

The Dos and Don’ts of Online Reputation Management

You’ve spent years growing the reputation of your company, however, the internet has provided a new realm which could make it or break it for your company. We are sure we don’t need to explain to you how important having a good online reputation is at the top review sites, such asĀ Yelp. More consumers than ever before are using these online reviews as a way to decide between choosing you or your many competitors.

Online reputation management is an art in itself. There are some things you should do and other things you should avoid. Today, we are going to go over the list of dos and don’ts so that you can get a better idea of how to handle your reputation in the online realm. Let’s dive in below.

Do Claim All Your Online Listings

You can’t reach out to those customers who left a less than … Read the rest